Tips to organize your move

Preparation is key even if a professional moving company handles the entire process. Here are some suggestions to help you start your preparations and make informed decisions:

Schedule your move well in advance.

Documentation. Find out about the documentation necessary for your move on the official website of the customs of the country of origin and destination.

Additional service requirements. Consider the additional services you may need from us: Do you need immigration assistance, currency transfer, transportation insurance, house cleaning, pet transportation, car transportation, or a complete unpacking service upon delivery? Maybe even a service for hanging pictures and reassembling furniture? In addition, Mercovan offers a range of destination services, such as home and school search, cultural and / or linguistic training, etc. The earlier in the moving process, you think about what life will be like in your new country of origin and prepare for it, the easier it will be to adjust to the new destination for, for you and your family.